Does Auto-Bounce use AUX channels to run stems?

Modified on Fri, 07 Jul 2023 at 10:46 PM

Auto-Bounce uses the track On/Off buttons to choose what content to bounce. It does not use AUX channels. There are many benefits to this method, as you will see below. Auto-Bounce does allow you to MUTE AUX channels, typically, so you can bounce Dry Stems.

The best way to prepare STEMS in Logic is to arrange everything in TRACK STACKS (Folder Stacks are best for Organizing Tracks). Most Logic Pro users LOVE using track stacks instead of AUX channels because it gives you more flexibility and options. Each Folder stack can easily be selected to bounce in Auto-Bounce, even a stack within a stack.... like PERC > High PERC, Mid PERC, Low PERC, etc.  Auto-Bounce even allows you to choose individual tracks to bounce individually... this is amazing for Archiving your Logic Projects. (check out this video on that)

For example, when you use the tracks area to arrange your stems:

1. You can share the same Effect Send on multiple stems with no bleed.  You can even use a single outboard effect, like a high-end reverb, and use it independently on each stem.

2. You can use a single instrument fader in multiple stems if you wanted to.  This is great for Drum Kits and many other instruments that have multiple samples.

3. You are not locked into static routing. You can move things around anywhere you want and route them to any Aux Channels, Summing Busses, etc. Auto-Bounce doesn't care about your routing since it's bouncing everything through the Master Out fader.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Tom's video on how he prepares the bouncing of 3 Mixes and 2 sets of Stems, both Wet and Dry, in 60 seconds!  This is a good example of the power of track organization versus static routing with AUX channels.

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