All stems are in every bounce.

Modified on Sat, 21 Oct 2023 at 02:01 PM

This occurs when the required Key Commands have not been set up.  

Option 1: Manually change the default Key Commands in Auto-Bounce to match your Logic Key Commands.

You can easily do this by copying and pasting your Logic Key Commands into Auto-Bounce.  We advise doing this by right-clicking (Option-clicking) to choose copy and paste commands.

Option 2: Import the provided Auto-Bounce Logic Key Command File into Logic.

This file can be found in the Auto-Bounce folder in your Application folder.

%YourHardDrive%\Applications\Auto-Bounce\Logic Key Command Files

In rare cases, this can also occur when multiple Logic windows are open on multiple screens.  Please try closing those windows (you can make a new screen set) and let us know if this fixes the issue.

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